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Parent Views

New Woodlands School values parents’ opinions. This is why we hold regular questionnaires  to find out what the parents of our pupils think.

Parent Testimonial


Year 6 Pupil

My son is a Year 6 pupil and has been attending New Woodlands School since 7th January 2019


When I was first told he was going to be referred to New Woodlands School I was worried because of things I had heard.  I am so glad I did not listen to people who clearly do not know New Woodlands School at all.



Year 3 Pupil

My son is in year 3. He joined New Woodlands School on 7/01/2020.

When he attended mainstream school he was constantly excluded which ejected his academic progress and could not cope with the day to day school community.

Since attending New Woodlands School there has been improvement in his behaviour and he has made excellent academic progress.

He looks forward to coming to school everyday

The staff are friendly, open and honest. They support not only my son but offer support if I need it.

I am really happy with New Woodlands School.

They meet the individual needs of my son



Year 5 Pupil

My son is really happy and making good progress.  His needs are being addressed and staff are friendly, approachable and helpful.  They always go the extra mile to support parents and students.  Next year he will be moving to the Key Stage 3 & 4 provision and is looking for I am the parent of a Year 5 and Year 10 student who attend New Woodlands School and have done so for some time.  I am really happy with the support and education both my children receive.

The staff at New Woodlands are honest, approachable and put their students first.

I am pleased with both of my son’s progress and feel their needs are understood and met by New Woodlands School. It is an excellent provision for students with SEMH.


Year 4 Pupil

My child started New Woodlands School in Year 4 last September


I wasn’t very sure about the school with all the bad things I had heard.  Now five months in and I feel it’s the best school for my child.  All the staff are very understanding and caring.  I have definitely seen an improvement in my child progress academically and emotionally and overall I am very happy so far and feel my child will continue to improve.  Most importantly my child is very happy and safe  at school.


Year 10 Pupil

My son has attended new woodlands school since he was in Year 2. He has always said to me that he never felt like he was understood in his mainstream setting. NWS is where he has always felt safe, secure and his needs best met. The staff here have and always continue to be AMAZING, Ms Tomlinson-Cole and Ms Hutton are just a few I can name. I am able to contact the school with any concerns and always feel we are a partnership. 

My son is now in year 10, he is making great progress and loves going to school everyday. 

The teachers are supportive of his needs and understand when he makes mistakes. 

I’m sad that his new woodlands journey will be coming to an end next year. I honestly can’t praise the staff here enough, especially KS3/4.

Summer Macfarlane- Parent of child in Year 10


Parent of two children in Year 8 and Year 10

New Woodlands School has been a blessing to our family.  My two sons found it very difficult at their former school as the school was unable to meet their needs.

My eldest son found mainstream school a challenge. It would be a fight to get him into school because he would always be in trouble and end up in detention.  He found it hard to express himself and because of this he wasn’t allowed in lessons which made him fall behind in all subjects by three years plus. His younger sibling also started attending the same school although we were not happy and again we found that he also wasn’t do very well.  Myself and my husband didn’t know where to turn.

Finally we got a call to go for a meet at the school and were told that they couldn’t meet our children’s needs and that we would need to find the boys a new school.  We were given a list of school, one being New Woodlands.  Myself and my husband wasn’t too sure about the school but was we left the meeting we gave the school a call and they had an Open Evening.  When I left New Woodlands I was nappy and exciting and couldn’t for our boys to start.  I knew that the smaller classes and the way my children would be dealt with was the right school for our children.

They started New Woodlands in January 2018.  We could not recommend this school enough.  Our two boys now look forward to going to school. We have no arguments and on top of this they are now achieving in all subjects and reaching the targets set for them.

My husband and I are now at ease knowing they are at the right school.  Our boys are wanting to go to school and are excited to learn.  I would highly recommend this school and without them I dread to think where our children would be in terms of learning.


Parent of child in Year 10

My child started at New Woodlands School in May 2019. Prior to that, she was in a Lewisham mainstream school and was really struggling academically. Since her move to this school, we have noticed a big improvement in her all round. She is a much happier child and socially and emotionally really improving. We have even noticed she is more interested in her learning, reading and work generally as well as wanting to become more independent . I would highly recommend New Woodlands School.


Parent of a child in Year 7

My first impression of the school was slightly negative because all I knew of the school that it was a Pupil Referral Unit where all the bad children went, because at that TIME that what it was known as to most parents and children. I didn’t have any first-hand experience of the school before my child joined so I went by what I heard. My previous SEN Caseworker at Lewisham was trying to convince me otherwise.

I can honestly say that now I have first-hand experience of the school for myself as a Parent of a child who goes there, I have nothing but PRAISE for the school and staff from start to finish. Mrs Warner and her staff put us at ease from the minute we stepped foot through the school doors. I staff are passionate, patience and care about the children who attend the school, they are committed to helping the children reach their full potentials. The first few months were a challenge for both XX and the school, but with interventions which were put into place to ease XX’s transition in joining the school have made a big difference to him settling down into a new environment.

The staff have kept me well informed on XX’s progress every step of the way during his journey and are easily contactable. Every term (six weeks) there is an Academic Review Day which I really enjoy attending as this is an opportunity for the teacher and I to discuss my son’s progress and smooth out any problems that might need sorting. I am really happy with my son’s progress so far to date.

One thing I would say to any new potential parents is “don’t listen to other people’s views of the school. Go along meet with the Head and the teachers, have a look around the school and then make your own decision”, because you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. It is important to have a good relationship with the school, as together we can make a difference in our children’s lives. The children are the next generation, so let’s help them achieve their full potentials so they are ready for the next chapter in their educational lives.

My son is has settled down and enjoys going to school which is a big step for him.

I like a famous quote from Malcolm X: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”




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