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Operation Encompass


New Woodlands School is part of the ever growing network of education facilities which participates in Operation Encompass, a national initiative that helps to safeguard our children and young people who may have been exposed to domestic abuse.


If a child or young person has been present when a domestic abuse incident has occurred and the police have been called then the Metropolitan Police will notify the designated person in the school that an incident has occurred.


This will be completed as early as possible in the morning and allow the school to silently support the child or young person and if necessary their family. The information will remain strictly confidential and only those who need to know will be given the information that a domestically violent or abusive incident has occurred.


In New Woodlands School the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Helen Bushell, the Deputy Safeguarding Lead is Carlie Warner. If you have any questions about Operation Encompass or any other areas of safeguarding please contact the school to speak to them.

Everyone's Invited


Following the development of the Everyone's Invited website which has over 12,500 testimonies the Government has asked Ofsted to look into the support given to victims of sexual harassment and abuse in all educational settings. The NSPCC has also lunched a helpline.


Here at New Woodlands we take this very seriously and always challenge sexual harassment and abuse. However, we recognise we can always learn. We are therefore taking a closure look at this area of safeguarding and ensure our safeguarding procedures and resources robust and accessible.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Helen Bushell or Carlie Warner for more information.


Everyone's Invited Website:


NSPCC helpline:

Young people and adults can contact the NSPCC helpline, Report Abuse in Education on 0800 136 663 or email


As you have no doubt seen in the news, peer on peer abuse and harmful sexual behaviours have been noted as a growing concern throughout the country. This was further highlighted by the tragic death of Sarah Everard.

We want to assure you that here at New Woodlands we take this along with other safeguarding concerns very seriously.

Staff are trained to manage reports and to teach healthy and respectful relationships, respectful behaviour and consent, and that sexual violence and sexual harassment is always wrong.

At New Woodlands we promote an open, honest and respectful culture. However, we recognise that we can continue to improve. We have therefore put together an action plan to assess our safeguarding procedures and support anyone effected this issue. This will be further assessed once the full Government guidance is available for the start of the next academic year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Carlie Warner or Helen Bushell, our safeguarding lead.

Advice and support can be found at via the NSPCC. Their dedicated abuse in education helpline is 0800136663 or via the email:

Further support can be found on the Stop it Now website at:

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