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Dark Sugars Cocoa House in Greenwich

We visited Dark Sugars Cocoa House in Greenwich as part of Careers Day and Black History Month.  We were met by Fatima and Paul who founded the business 20 years ago and it has grown into 4 shops in London. We were given a tour and taster sessions of all the different types chocolates – chilli, ginger, orange, mango and vegan ones etc


We also tasted ice creams and hot beverages.


We got to touch a cocoa bean where chocolates are made from and learnt 70% of the world’s cocoa comes from West Africa and 30% from South America. Many of us would like to own our business one day and we were mentored into finding something we were passionate about, getting the correct qualifications and working hard. We learnt the importance of not spending all our money but to save a little to build up a sizable amount.


Here are the questions we asked:

  1. What are the other names of your shop?
  2. How did you get the money to start of your business?
  3. What made you want to start your own business?
  4. What qualifications do you need to get?
  5. What is your country of heritage
  6.  How did you find the locations to your shops?
  7. Do you have any shops in different countries?
  8. Where do you buy your supplies?
  9. What is your annual income in the business?
  10. How many people do you employ?
  11. Do you have health and safety?
  12. Do you sell online?

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