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Science week New Woodlands School 2021

      Year 7 made paper mache of the 8 planets in our Solar System and arranged them in order closest to the sun.

      Year 8 did a Question and Answer session with a pre-recorded interview with the astronaut Tin Peakes.

      Year 9 explored if there is potential for life on other planets. They analysed the structure of plants and animal cells under a microscope, using onions and swabs of the inside of their cheeks.

     Year 9 investigated how plant growth needs the Sun’s energy to photosynthesise. They distinguished the process as an exothermic reaction.

      Year 8 observed how the lack of gravity in space, impacts on body mass and the weakening of bones. 

      Year 9 built a telescope at Forest school.

      Year 7 observed how the Earth’s orbit of the sun

…and axis tilt creates the seasons, months and years. They understood how it can be night and day in different parts of the world.

      Year 10 the Earth is a bit like a bar magnet, with north and south poles that represent opposing magnetic polarities and invisible magnetic field lines encircling the planet between them.

      Year 11 investigated how different metals on Earth affects the colour of flame.

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